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An early autumn snowfall in the Whitefish Range with the larches still in leaf. Headwaters Montana works in alliance with individuals and communities to protect the pristine waters, wildlands, and abundant wildlife in the Crown of the Continent, including the Whitefish Range. Photo provided by Steven Gnam Photograpy

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Bridging the Divide

As the foundation prepares to sunset in the next decade, it is increasingly shifting its focus to developing citizen capacity to build a sustainable and more effective conservation movement.

The Brainerd Foundation is sunsetting. Learn more about what this means for our grantees and our giving in the next few years.
Pileated woodpecker fledglings.  Photo by Paul Bannick.

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Tell Us Something We Don't Already Know

This national study first tells us the obvious: nonprofits frequently get stuck in a viscious cycle of high levels of turnover and lengthy vacancies in development director positions. But then, it describes why and how to break the cycle. Read more