Please Note: After 25 years of grantmaking, we have closed our doors. Learn more here.

Our Conservation Capacity program focused on helping our grantees become more effective. For the first two decades of our foundation's work, this program provided support for technology and communications, leadership development, fundraising training, strategic planning, and similar organizational needs. In 2015, as our sunset neared, the focus of this program shifted to support three initiatives designed to prepare our grantees for our exit. These initiatives aimed to do the following:

  • Inspire the next generation of conservation philanthropists
  • Strengthen the capacity of emerging conservation leaders and activists
  • Support a culture of innovation within conservation advocacy organizations

Photo via Western Environmental Law Center

Measures of success

By the time we closed our doors in 2020, we aimed to see:

  • Increased dollars directed toward conservation organizations.
  • Enhanced donor capacity for making strategic investments in conservation nonprofits.
  • Increased ability of (and opportunity for) emerging leaders to step into leadership roles in conservation organizations.
  • Conservation organizations adopting the cultures, structures, and strategies needed to attract the next generation of leaders and advocates.
  • Expanded citizen engagement in conservation issues.

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Meet some of the organizations we funded through our conservation capacity program

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