Hells Canyon Preservation Council

Hells Canyon Preservation Council was a Brainerd Foundation grantee from 2000 to 2011.

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Hells Canyon Preservation Council Grant history


$5,400 - To purchase and implement a new member database system. Grassroots fund


$3,000 - To provide a graphic showing species that are traveling from Idaho to Oregon and back. Opportunity fund


$2,000 - To prepare a map of roadless areas in Idaho and Oregon and potentially to identify wildlife migration routes between them. Opportunity fund


$1,500 - To train staff and board members in capacity building and fundraising with major donors. Opportunity fund


$1,500 - To hire a consultant to help develop an organizational strategic plan. Opportunity fund


$15,000 - to protect and restore biodiversity in the Hells Canyon-Wallowa Mountain ecosystem. Place-based conservation


$10,000 - To strengthen internal systems and communications efforts through a comprehensive upgrade of technology. Conservation capacity