Seven Basins Watershed Council

Seven Basins Watershed Council aims to reduce fire hazards in its community. It strives to improve conditions in streams, for fish and other stream life, as well as community needs. It serves as a forum for community members to bring forward concerns related to the watershed. It represents diverse interests and viewpoints, as well as most geographic areas of the watershed. The Seven Basins watershed includes a large area of land draining into the Rogue River. Sams Valley, Galls, Foots, and Birdseye Creeks, Sardine Creek, Evans Valley, and all the drainages that flow into Evans Creek are part of the Seven Basins Watershed

Seven Basins Watershed Council became a Brainerd Foundation grantee in 2006.

Seven Basins Watershed Council Grant history


$1,500 - To mail a publication on the importance of the Seven Basin Watershed. Opportunity fund