Greater Gallatin Watershed Council

Gallatin County's burgeoning population with increasingly diverse uses has created unprecedented demands on the natural resources of the greater Gallatin watershed.  Created in 2004, the Greater Gallatin Watershed Council grew out of the need to document the extent and quality of the resources and, more importantly, to facilitate the equitable allocation of those resources among the competing demands.

Greater Gallatin Watershed Council became a Brainerd Foundation grantee in 2007.

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Greater Gallatin Watershed Council Photo gallery

Collecting water quality data for Gallatin Stream Teams, a volunteer water quality monitoring program. Photo courtesy of Kendall McGlynn, volunteer.

The East Gallatin River in autumn. Photo courtesy of Sharlyn Izurieta, Greater Gallatin Watershed Council.

Gallatin Stream Teams, taking samples from Thompson Creek. Photo courtesy of Tammy Crone, Gallatin Local Water Quality District.

Greater Gallatin Watershed Council Grant history


$10,000 - To support a development program reaching out to business and community partners in Gallatin County. Grassroots fund