Swan View Coalition, Inc.

The Swan View Coalition has worked to conserve its native ecosystems, to secure a sustainable timber sale program on public lands that also truly sustains water quality, fish and wildlife, and to pursue these goals through public education and public involvement whenever possible, and through administrative appeals and litigation when necessary.

Swan View Coalition, Inc. was a Brainerd Foundation grantee from 2001 to 2009.

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Swan View Coalition, Inc. Grant history


$1,000 - To protect the Northern Continental Divide Grizzly Bear Ecosystem in the Flathead National Forest. Opportunity fund


$3,000 - To develop fliers, with the help of Resource Media, for distribution in area newspapers advertising the Swan View Coalition's activities and promoting quiet recreation. Opportunity fund


$2,000 - To protect Grizzly Bear habitat in the Flathead that was burned in the summer of 2003 from logging. Opportunity fund


$1,000 - To conduct research and community education on extremists in Northwest Montana. Opportunity fund