Ruby Valley Conservation District

The Ruby Valley Conservation District (RVCD) and Ruby Watershed Council (RWC) coordinates technical, financial and educational resources to meet the needs of the local land user for the conservation of soil, water, and related resources. The RVCD is comprised of six elected supervisors, and the RWC is comprised of 11 appointed community members that represent a broad spectrum perspective of the watershed including ranching, recreation, business, and more. The intent of the organization is to provide information, education and support to preserve the agricultural heritage, rural open space and natural resource integrity of the watershed through a balanced collaborative approach between all of the local and regional stakeholders.

Ruby Valley Conservation District became a Brainerd Foundation grantee in 2015.

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Ruby Valley Conservation District Grant history


$7,000 - To prepare and facilitate four meetings between Ruby Valley landowners and conservation groups to advance public and private land conservation. Grassroots fund

Ruby Valley Conservation District Successes

High Divide stakeholders recognized for groundbreaking work

High Divide stakeholders recognized for groundbreaking work

A recent article in Western Confluence magazine shines the spotlight on several Brainerd grantees, including the Wildlife Conservation Society, the Ruby Valley Conservation District, Headwaters Economics, the Blackfoot Challenge, and People and Carnivores. The author offers an excellent analysis of the absolute necessity of factoring in working lands in wildlife conservation and demonstrates the solutions-based work of ranchers in the High Divide, one of the Brainerd Foundation's place-based focus areas.