Environmental Protection Network

Environmental Protection Network (EPN) comprises federal and state environmental experts working to defend against efforts to undercut environmental protections. By harnessing these experts' unique experience, expertise and institutional memory in writing, implementing, defending and enforcing regulations, EPN develops and disseminates independent analysis that it provides to existing institutions. These include green groups, journalists, religious groups focused on the environment, states, and others.

Environmental Protection Network has been a Brainerd Foundation grantee since 2017.

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Environmental Protection Network Grant history


$25,000 - To preserve the nation’s bipartisan progress toward climate protection and clean air, water, and land. Conservation policy


$35,000 - To preserve the nation's bipartisan progress toward clean air, water, and land, and climate protection. Conservation policy


$25,000 - To address current budgetary and programmatic threats to federal environmental programs that will impact all regions of the country. Conservation policy