National Audubon Society Alaska Office

Audubon Alaska uses science-based analyses to advocate for public policies that conserve habitats and wildlife populations on public lands and waters; enhances public understanding of the natural world and conservation issues; and communicates with our grassroots network in Audubon chapters in Alaska and across the country.

National Audubon Society was a Brainerd Foundation grantee from 2000 to 2017.

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National Audubon Society Grant history


$2,000 - To fund a strategic planning session. Opportunity fund


$2,700 - To build staff capacity. Opportunity fund


$2,000 - To strengthen capacity during a leadership transition. Opportunity fund


$25,000 - To identify conservation priorities in the Western Arctic and the Tongass National Forest. Place-based conservation


$60,000 - A two-year grant to develop a landscape-scale conservation strategy for the Tongass National Forest, emphasizing priority watersheds needed to sustain ecological and other values. Place-based conservation


$50,000 - To elevate conservation issues in the western Arctic and support protection of the region's special places and values. Place-based conservation


$70,000 - To develop a landscape scale conservation strategy for the western arctic. Place-based conservation


$1,500 - To prepare and distribute a letter to the President regarding the impacts of oil and gas development on caribou of Alaska's North Slope, and particularly the Arctic Refuge. Opportunity fund